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Benefits Of Tanning

Skin Protection:  UV exposure is Nature’s Protection and provides full-spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection from overexposure.

Vitamin D:  Sunlight is the best and most natural way of acquiring Vitamin D which is critical in preventing bone   diseases such as osteoporosis.

 Skin Conditions:  Improvements in sufferers of various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and vitiligo have been known to be a result of UV exposure.

Stress:  UV exposure decreases adrenaline levels and releases endorphin’s which induce a feeling of well-being.

Seasonal Effective Disorder:  Winter Blues sufferers show improvement in overall mood with exposure to UV   light.

Premenstrual Syndrome:  UV exposure has been shown to alleviate some of the symptoms of PMS such as  depression, physical discomfort, and mood swings.

Level 60 – The Ultimate Beach Tan

The Level 60 is the fastest booth in the market with a maximum exposure time of just 8 minutes. This booth allows tanners to build the ultimate tan in just 3 to 4 sessions while minimizing their risk of overexposure with an extremely low UVB percentage (1.3% UVB).
First visit is usually 4 to 5 minutes of exposure time.

Level 54 – The Red Carpet Ready Tan 

The Level 54 provides a fabulous tan in only 5 sessions. With a maximum exposure time of 10 minutes, this booth provides clients the ability to acquire an incredible tan yet still revel in the sunlight a little more with a low UVB percentage (2% UVB).
First visit is usually 5 to 6 minutes of exposure time.

Level 42 – The Vitamin D Enriched Tan

The Level 42 easily outperforms any basic level tanning booth on the market. This booth can build a base time in just 5 to 6 sessions with a maximum exposure time of 11 minutes. It provides amazing tanning results in a cool and comfortable setting. A higher UVB percentage supplies the greatest amount of Vitamin D (8% UVB).
First visit is usually 6 to 7 minutes of exposure time.