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Body Bronze DC offers Airbrush spray tans powered by Infinity Sun. Our Eco-Friendly Airbrush Tanning System as well as our friendly and knowledgeable staff will aid you in achieving the results you desire.

To help ensure superior tanning results from your Infinity Sun Airbrush Tan, you should be aware of the following:

    • Shower and exfoliate your skin prior to your Infinity Sun session. We recommend using the Infinity Sun Skin Renewing Exfoliant  (Starting a UV-free session with freshly rejuvenated skin not only delivers the best tanning results, but also prevents uneven fading).
    • Shaving and waxing should be performed 8 hours before coming in to tan. After your sunless tan, make sure to replace razor blades before shaving to avoid stripping the newly tanned skin.
    • Avoid using deodorant, lotions, creams, makeup, etc. before tanning.
    • Remove jewelry.
    • Tie long hair up away from face and neck (shower caps are available).
    • Attire for tanning:  Make certain you bring a dark-colored bathing suit (or a garment of preference). The Infinity Sun bronzer washes out of most clothing very easily, but can stain wool, silk, light nylon, and other light synthetic materials.* In addition, bring along dark-colored, loose-fitted clothing to wear after tanning. It is also recommended that you wear flip-flops or sandals home to avoid any possible contact with sweat on the feet.
  • If there is inclement weather cover up completely and bring an umbrella with you.

*Body Bronze DC will not be responsible for any stained clothing as a result of the Infinity Sun tanning solution.

To aid in prolonging the life of your InfinitySun Airbrush Tan, you should be aware of the following aftercare instructions:

    • Wait at least 7 hours before showering, bathing, swimming, moisturizing, or partaking in any strenuous activity that could cause sweating.
    • While the tan is developing, wear dark, loose-fitting clothing (about 7 hours).
    • Use a gel based, moisturizing body wash (not bar soap) when showering/bathing. Avoid hot, lengthy showers. Gently, pat dry the skin.
    • Use only new razors to gently shave the skin.
    • Apply Infinity Sun Hydrating Extender every other day (preferably at night) to help keep skin hydrated, smooth, and to prolong tanning results.
    • Apply non-tanning moisturizer twice a day.
    • Avoid using products that exfoliate the skin such as AHA, BHA, anti-aging products, etc.
    • Avoid spraying perfume/body sprays onto the tanned area of the skin.
  • Avoid makeup removers.

Here is a quick list of products to avoid while you have your InfinitySun Airbrush Tan:

    • Acne products
    • AHA Alpha-Hydroxy acids, citric and tartaric acids, Beta-Hydroxy acids & salicylic acids
    • Anti-aging products
    • Retin-A
    • Body hair bleach, depilatory hair removals
    • Curel lotion or Dove soap/shower gel
    • Deodorant soaps
    • Facial masks and exfoliating scrubs
    • Makeup remover
    • Toners containing alcohol or witch hazel
    • Use of a loofah, scrub mitt, etc. for daily washing
    • Wax hair remover
  • We use customized tanning formulas which are airbrushed onto your body and actually create the same reaction in your skin as the sun does, only without any of the skin damage or harmful UV rays. We offer two types of Airbrush solution:


Infinity Anti-Aging Bronzer Tanning Solution

An all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural-looking, golden brown glow. Containing a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts, our bronzing solution delivers immediate results.

Infinity Anti-Aging Clear Tanning Solution

An all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural-looking, golden brown glow. This product was designed for clients who wish to enjoy the ultimate sunless tan without adding bronzer.

On average, your airbrush tan will last seven to ten days, depending on skin type and aftercare. We recommend waiting until your previous airbrush tan is completely gone before your next session.

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  • Appointments can be made Monday through Friday from 2pm-8pm by calling us at 202.393.8267

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